Knit with Love, Bloom Forever

The Perfect Gift for Pollen Allergy Sufferers

Unveil the beauty of flowers without the agony of pollen allergies. Our handcrafted crochet flowers are a thoughtful solution for those who love flowers but can't be near them. Each blossom is meticulously handmade, radiating a love for life and nature. Gift the enchantment of flowers without the discomfort – a unique expression of admiration for your loved ones and their passion for floral beauty.

The Artistry of Knit Flowers: A Distinctive Comparison to Fresh Blossoms

Unveiling the exceptional world of knit flowers—a contemporary reimagining of conventional blooms. Our knit flowers present an array of advantages that set them apart:
Limitless Artistic Ingenuity: Each knit flower embodies a masterpiece, meticulously fashioned in diverse hues and sizes, affording a realm of personalized artistry that eludes fresh blossoms.
Perpetual Elegance: In contrast to ephemeral blooms, knit flowers retain their timeless allure, bestowing enduring grace upon spaces they adorn.
Expressions from the Heart: Extending beyond mere gifts, knit flowers encapsulate undying sentiments, rendering them a thoughtful preference for forging profound connections.
Enter SecretKnit, an enclave where the craft of knitting converges with timeless elegance. Opt for knit flowers and redefine your perception of appreciating aesthetics.



Looking back over the past 8 years, I can't help but reminisce about that momentous beginning. Cast your mind back to 2015, when I first opened the doors to a fragrant haven, a flower shop that felt like a dream come to life. The shop was a labor of love, with each bouquet representing a spectrum of joy, celebration, and heartfelt emotions. Back then, I was just embarking on my entrepreneurial journey, fueled by an ardor for floral artistry and a vision of beauty. I carefully selected flowers and wove them into stunning arrangements, each bouquet a testament to the myriad emotions and blessings that life encompasses. It was an enchanting, poetic start.


Yet, as life often surprises us, 2018 ushered in an unexpected twist. I stumbled into the realm of knit flowers, as if a magical gateway had opened to an entirely new dimension. Witnessing the delicate threads knit into intricate blossoms felt like a journey through time itself. Unlike the transient brilliance of fresh flowers, these knit wonders exuded a more enduring beauty. Crafted with artisanal finesse, each petal seemed to embody boundless creativity. I began to realize that this wasn't merely art, but a profound way to express emotion.

As time flowed on, my fascination with this new world deepened. I immersed myself in mastering the art of knit flowers, exploring different yarns and patterns. Each attempt felt like sculpting a one-of-a-kind masterpiece, rekindling the fervor I had at the outset of my entrepreneurial journey.


This transformation wasn't just a personal choice; it was also a responsibility to our environment. I gradually became aware of the wastage that often follows festivities with fresh flowers. Knit flowers emerged as a sustainable solution, offering timeless beauty that curbs waste and allows emotions to endure.

And so, after years of contemplation and unwavering determination, I made the decision to metamorphose my flower shop into a haven of knit flowers. After meticulous planning and hard work, 2020 marked the dawn of a new chapter. The flower shop was reborn, infused with a fresh vitality. Within this realm of knit flowers, I found my passion anew and discovered a more environmentally conscious and sustainable path.


Today, I'm excited to announce the launch of an online store to share the joy of knit flowers with the world. Spreading this beauty across the globe has been a dream come true, and I hope that every customer who enters our shop experiences happiness and delight. I firmly believe that whether it's fresh blossoms or knit flowers, each possesses its own unique beauty and value. I consider myself fortunate to have built a bridge connecting these two forms of beauty, enabling more people to experience the diverse expressions of emotion and the allure of art.
Whether reflecting on the past 8 years, the transformative 2020, or the present moment, each stage has held precious memories in the tapestry of my life. I eagerly anticipate the future, yearning to introduce more individuals to the enchanting world of knit flowers, and to share with them my understanding and expression of beauty and emotion.

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